Comnexa Encourage and Enable Businesses to Thrive

October 16, 2020

Comnexa today have launched a new tool to enable businesses to thrive in an ever changing environment. Based on data and insight gathered as part of the Salesforce Leading Through Change series, Comnexa’s new Business Resilience tool has been crafted to provide leaders with a starting point to begin thinking about how well strategically positioned their organisation is.

Phil Cuming, Commercial Director at Comnexa noted:

“With so much media focus at the moment on the downward turn of economies and industries, business news and insight can appear rather a dismal read. From experience with our own business and customers, as well as drawing on experience from the wider Salesforce Ohana, we learned how to leverage our best assets to enable us and our customers to thrive during this time of uncertainty. Digging deeper into the data from the Salesforce Leading Through Change series, most businesses might actually be surprised at some of the opportunities they have immediately available to them right now.”

Comnexa’s new Business Resilience tool is aimed at small-to-medium enterprises who often feel they lack sufficient data for truly informed insight and decision making. Encouraging businesses to see the potential in their existing data and resource will enable them to thrive amid the apparent economic uncertainty. Current data shows that individuals are generally more positive right now than we might be led to believe. Recent Salesforce research found 72% of people are optimistic instead of pessimistic currently, with 83% of people feeling grateful.  

The new Business Resilience tool can be found at Business leaders can use Comnexa’s tool to produce a bespoke report, and can call on Comnexa’s experienced team for further guidance. Results will be anonymised and aggregated, then used to produce a State of Business report in the coming months.

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