Comnexa seeks Salesforce stars of the future

August 30, 2019

Salesforce Future Trailblazer Trainee

A Trailblazer - a pioneer; an innovator; a lifelong learner; a mover and shaker. We're looking for someone to help our clients find, win and keep business through implementing, optimising and maintaining exceptional technology solutions based on the Salesforce Platform.

About Comnexa Locally based and owned, Comnexa are Salesforce accredited consulting partners with offices in Jersey, Channel Islands. We have a track record of delivering innovative solutions in a wide variety of sectors. We help our customers to build a competitive advantage through implementing, optimising and maintaining Salesforce solutions. 

About SalesforceSalesforce is an American cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco. It is one of the most highly valued cloud computing companies with revenues exceeding $8 billion and employing over 25,000 employees worldwide. Salesforce sell licenses to their customers for a variety of products and then rely upon their partner consulting network to ensure customers are using the products optimally. 

Why we need future trailblazers Salesforce is a relatively new solution to the European market and until Comnexa was formed in 2017, there was no registered consulting partner in the Channel Islands. This means there are very few skilled Salesforce Consultants available to recruit. To enable our business to further grow, we need to hire business and tech savvy team members to learn Salesforce skills. We intend to fund formal Salesforce training for our future trailblazers. 

Expected outcomesSalesforce qualifications are a valuable commodity worldwide. In the UK, a Salesforce Administrator can expect to be paid approximately £35k p.a. A Salesforce Consultant might earn between £40k - £70k p.a. depending upon experience. (Source Upon successful graduation of the trainee course, we would expect to promote the trainee to the role of Junior Salesforce Administrator and pay a salary of £30k p.a. in their first year of full employment if all examinations have been passed.

Suitable candidateWe are looking for an energetic and enthusiastic self-starter, who is willing to learn new skills. We're looking for someone who is:

  • tech savvy;
  • able to quickly adopt to new  technologies;
  • able to work through  problems methodically;
  • adept at interpreting data.

Over time, our future trailblazers will need to become comfortable with meeting clients and discussing the problems that they need solving. 

The role would suit an ambitious school leaver with strong A-level results. Demonstrating a degree of analytical skills would be a bonus. 

The role could also suit a recent graduate, in particular one who has succeeded in a business, marketing, or tech related degree.

To find out more, or apply, click here to view our future trailblazer trainee programme.

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