CRM for small businesses webinar

March 24, 2020

As part of our virtual sessions series, we're offering a virtual seminar on CRM for small businesses:

CRM for small businesses:

Please join us online at 11am GMT on Thursday 26th March for a virtual session on how small businesses can use CRM:

11am - Welcome and introductions

11:05am - Be competitive with the right tool

11:10am - Why you should be considering a CRM

11:15am - Case Studies

11:20am - Q&A

With accessibility in mind, will be hosting this virtual event live, simultaneously on the Comnexa YouTube channel and also via Zoom video conference.

How to join

Please join us live on our Comnexa YouTube channel at 11am on Thursday, or join us live via Zoom video conference here. Advance registration is not required.

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