Customer Success Manager

February 25, 2021

The Customer Success Manager is responsible for developing customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty. Their job is to work closely with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive from Comnexa, are achieving success with Salesforce, improving user adoption, and ultimately help Comnexa delight customers.

Key responsibilities:

Establish Customer Support Practices

The Customer Success Manager will be collaborate with the Comnexa leadership team to create policies and procedures that optimise the customer experience. They will then be responsible for managing these procedures. The Customer Success Manager can gather feedback from the customers, study other customer success programs, analyse customer data, and review Salesforce materials to identify and apply best practices. The Customer Success Manager must manage policies that the entire Comnexa team can adhere to so all customers receive the same quality of service.

Provide Technical and Product Support

The Customer Success Manager will be the first point of contact for all our customers' support needs. They will be called upon to provide technical support to customers or to provide training on their Salesforce products. They may even help customers plan and understand the best ways to utilise Salesforce based on the business needs or business plans. With this in mind, we expect the Customer Success Manager to prioritise their own continuous Salesforce development to enable them to help with as many customer situations as possible. To begin with, we expect the Customer Success Manager to have the Salesforce Sales Cloud Administrator certification, but to add further Salesforce skills and certifications over time.

We expect the Customer Success Manager to be enthusiastic about following the latest Salesforce product updates and industry news. We expect the Customer Success Manager to proactively look for ways that Comnexa’s customers can utilise the latest Salesforce updates within their businesses.

Manage Customer Relationships

As the first point of contact for customer support needs, it will be the Customer Success Manager’s responsibility to manage support relationships and support contracts with our customers. Many of our customers are on monthly consulting support agreements. It will be the Customer Success Manager’s responsibility to provide regular support statements to customers, manage how much time is left on retainers and manage customer expectations of how long tasks will take. It is also vital that the Customer Success Manager manages the timeline and expectations of customer support priorities in order to allow Comnexa to allocate consulting resources accordingly.

Resourcing Support Needs

Whilst we want the Customer Success Manager to provide as much support to existing customers as possible, there will be support requirements that fall outside of their skillsets and Salesforce qualifications. When this is the case, the Customer Success Manager needs to work with the Comnexa leadership team to delegate support tasks to the consulting team, based upon consultant availability and skillset.

Salesforce Knowledge Champion

Comnexa holds Salesforce user groups throughout the year. These are a mixture of in person and webinar events covering demonstrations, product updates and guest presentations from third party app providers. The current Comnexa team organises these alongside their current consulting roles and would prefer to deliver these more frequently. The Customer Success Manager will be responsible for organising online events, researching content, collaborating with the Comnexa team to create presentations, and promoting events amongst existing customers. The Customer Success Manager can also work with the Marketing Manager to promote the events. Comnexa would also like to create more online product content. The Customer Success Manager can collaborate with the consultants and Marketing Manager to deliver this.

Comnexa has a number of partnership agreements with third party Salesforce app providers. The Customer Success Manager will also manage partnership agreements and look for opportunities to introduce appropriate apps to existing customers.

We want the Customer Success Manager to establish themselves as somebody that Salesforce users or prospective customers can rely upon for accurate information about Salesforce products. A proactive holder of this role can use the opportunity to develop their own brand as a champion of all things Salesforce.

Commercial Responsibilities

Whilst the Customer Success Manager is more focused on supporting and educating customers, rather than making new sales, Comnexa would like the Customer Success Manager to achieve commercial targets through existing customer renewals. The Customer Success Manager can also help identify the need for new project work outside of the support agreements and help scope these requirements in collaboration with the Comnexa consulting team.

Who we are looking for

The Comnexa Customer Success Manager will have worked in a customer success role before and be able to demonstrate that they can follow a customer success or support procedure. This is a new role at Comnexa and we want somebody with experience to bring ideas of how customer success should be managed to the leadership team.

The person we want for the role will have:

  • At least one year of experience in a technical customer success or support role.
  • Enthusiasm for all things Salesforce.
  • At least the Salesforce Administration certification.
  • The desire to take further Salesforce certifications.
  • An outgoing personality capable of forming and maintaining relationships with customers.
  • Confidence to be able to upwardly delegate complex support tasks to senior consultants in the team.
  • Confidence in their public speaking and presenting. We expect the Customer Success Manager to host online events, webinars and online training sessions.
  • Great organisation skills. Time management and doing things when you say you’re going to do them is key to maintaining good relationships with customers and busy internal consultants.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit. We’re a small and growing business and want somebody who is prepared to take on tasks outside of their remit to help the team and bring new ideas to the table.
  • A proactive nature. The Customer Success Manager cannot wait to be told to do things, they need to be the one taking new ideas to customers and working with the consulting team to plan customer roadmaps for future success.

Working at Comnexa

Working for Comnexa is an opportunity to have your ideas listened to and acted upon promptly. We’re always looking for better ways of doing things and want to employ proactive people who can think outside the box. In return for delivering for us, we will offer you the following:

  • Flexible working and "work from anywhere" (based on GMT working hours).
  • 25 days holiday per year.
  • Private health care upon passing probation.  
  • Competitive salary and commercial incentives.

If you interested in applying for this role, please email your CV to - - with the subject title 'Customer Success Manager'. At this time, we are not engaging with recruitment agencies to fill this role.

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