Introducing Comnexa LIVE

April 9, 2020

I would like to say thanks to everyone in our community for their support over the past few weeks. We have always been focused on customer success, trust and the empowerment of our community to innovate, and our team remains committed to upholding these values during this time, and to ensuring you are achieving success with our solutions. Your continued trust in us is really appreciated

We are reimagining all our existing activities and events to deliver a brand new programme of virtual events and on-demand content.  I am delighted to introduce Comnexa LIVE to you today. Over the coming weeks you will see an increasing number of web-based sessions and activities coming online as part of the Comnexa LIVE programme. Since all our solutions are cloud based, the switch to remote working with our products has been seamless, and as we move forward, we aim to keep the adoption of our technology within businesses a simple process, and support the development of your skills so that you may harness maximum value from the solutions you have invested in.

We have launched a hub for Comnexa LIVE where you will find both the schedule of events and a directory of on-demand content.

We are also launching a new monthly newsletter, where we’ll publish details of new events, the upcoming events schedule, and a selection of some of the best and most relevant on-demand content. You’ll also find an update from the Comnexa LIVE blog and plenty of hints, tips, and useful insight. We are also very interested in partnering with organisations to create even more content that brings value to our community. Please let me know if you’d like to get involved, receive our newsletter, or if you have any suggestions, ideas and feedback.

Dan Williams

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