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tranScrip - Customer Success Story

tranScrip is a leading pharmaceutical consultancy providing specialist support in the development and lifecycle of biopharmaceutical products to pharma and biotech companies.

The problem

tranScrip were using several legacy systems. As they were entering a rapid growth period and having secured external funding, the company found it difficult to scale using on-premises systems which were inflexible towards tranScrip’s business processes. TranScrip were tracking time for over 50 active projects at any one time on a legacy system that didn’t meet all of their requirements, thus requiring complex spreadsheets and a labour intensive process to check, amend and approve time entries, including adjusting values for three different currencies. The legacy system also provided no project management functionality.

The solution

tranScrip already had Salesforce but were using it only to track the sales pipeline. Comnexa worked with tranScrip to look at both the as-is and the desired business processes and ideal “end game” for the business. Comnexa’s Business Analysts produced a comprehensive technology roadmap for tranScrip, putting Salesforce at the centre of the business as the single source of truth. The roadmap was approved by tranScrip’s board and funders.  

Comnexa recommended Cloud Coach, an app built on and sited within Salesforce providing an intuitive user interface for time and expense entry and for project creation and management. Cloud Coach takes care of the complexities and nuances of rates, rate cards, currencies and the need for an approval process. The power of Salesforce’s list views and reporting has removed the need for separate spreadsheets, allowing all users to query time entry and expense data for which they have access to. tranScrip describes the ability to "enquire on real-time data on a self-service basis" as a real differentiator, key benefit and a time saving delivered by the project and by using Salesforce as a single source of truth. tranScrip employees no longer need to request reports to be prepared by their colleagues and await their delivery. Users have access to a suite of reports and are able to create and tailor their own reports to meet their needs at any time. Levels of access to data and functionality within Cloud Coach was easily tailored to the needs of different internal users and subcontractors. Automation has saved users time and ensured data accuracy - Projects are automatically created when an Opportunity is won.

A bi-directional integration with Sage50 has also been established, powered by Zynk. Approved time and expense records are synced with Sage50, creating invoices, line items and ledger entries in Sage. The invoice and line items are written back to Salesforce and linked with the existing time and expense records, allowing Project Managers to query the status of payment of an invoice without demanding time of the Finance Team and without leaving Salesforce.

tranScrip employees report they “much prefer the ‘pop in’ hours” of Cloud Coach and that “it was hand-down the biggest relief that there was a quick way to correct incorrect currency values - a happy moment!”

The technology strategy and partners

  • Salesforce.
  • Cloud Coach for project management and time tracking.
  • Two way integration with Sage50 and Salesforce powered by Zynk.
  • Full financial reporting in Salesforce.
  • HR system (HR1) based on the Salesforce platform.
  • Marketing automation.

“Excellent partner. Very adaptable to the needs of the development in conjunction with the needs of the business. Very friendly & approachable - speaking in plain English and not technical jargon. Very pro-active in working with Salesforce AppExchange Partners to resolve issues. Very attentive to the needs of the programme and good attention to detail throughout the process. Comnexa worked very collaboratively with our business to ensure optimal outcomes.”

Warren Hiller, Chief Financial Officer, tranScrip

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